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Turning the Page 

Environmental Impacts of the Magazine Industry
Recommendations for Improvement 

Executive Summary 

The PAPER Project: Co-op America, Independent Press Association, Conservatree 10jun01

The magazine industry is a significant contributor to deforestation, dioxin contamination, air pollution (including greenhouse gases) and water pollution. Environmental damage caused by this industry will escalate unless publishers increase their use of recycled-content paper. In its study of the industry, the PAPER Project found:

PAPER Project Recommended Solutions

To counter this poor environmental record, publishers need to employ a two-pronged approach that includes introducing or increasing post-consumer recycled content into the paper they use, as well as working with retailers and distributors to achieve higher efficiency levels in terms of the proportion of newsstand magazines that are actually sold to customers.

Members of the PAPER Project are the Independent Press Association, Conservatree and Co-op America. The mission of this partnership is to reduce the magazine industry's impact on the environment by helping magazine publishers adopt environmentally preferable printing and distribution practices. All three members print their publications on papers that are excellent environmental choices

source: http://www.ecopaperaction.org/whitepaper.htm 10jun01

Complete PDF available at http://www.ecopaperaction.org/turningthepage.pdf

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