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Official Tax Form 1040 Schedule W 

by George W Bush 2001

Donations to faith-based charities:
Proper Christian    
Purchase of Major League Baseball tickets:    
Add this number to your refund. You earned it!    
Back taxes owed due to:
Rounding error    
Protesting against this burdensome chore    
Donations to:    
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty    
Bill and/or Hillary Clinton    
Any relations by blood or marriage to Bill and/or Hillary Clinton    
         Was there a quid pro quo?         Yes         No    
Add this number to the amount you owe.  This year, use more judgement.    
Profit or Loss From Capital Gains.  Add profits from sale of the following luxury assets:
  Yacht         Ranch         Race Car       Robot dog       Other Ranch
Affirmative Access Credit. If you are black and willing to speak positively about the following President to others of your racial-type category, subtract $4,400 from amount you owe.    
Estate Tax:
Since the following people support the death tax,
you may choose to receive a portion of their estates upon their demise.

  William Gates Sr.       George Soros       David Rockefeller Jr         Warren Buffet
Skull and Bones Alumni:
Your refund is in the mail.

source: Fortune Magazine

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