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Tony Snow:
Another One Jumps Sinking Ship

White House Spokesman Snow to Step Down

CNN 18aug2007

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WASHINGTON White House press secretary Tony Snow will step down from his position as early as next month, sources inside and outside the Bush administration told CNN on Friday.

When contacted by CNN about his possible departure, Snow said, "I'm not making any announcement."

Snow told conservative talk-show host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday that "financial reasons" may prevent him for serving the remainder of his boss's presidency.

"I'm not going to be able to go the distance, but that's primarily for financial reasons." Snow said. "I've told people when my money runs out, then I've got to go."

According to The Washington Post, Snow makes $168,000 as the White House spokesman.

CNN has previously reported that Chief of Staff Josh Bolten told senior White House staffers that unless they could commit to staying until President Bush leaves office in January 2009, they should leave by Labor Day.

Snow, 52, had been treated for colon cancer in 2005. In March, during surgery to remove a growth from his abdomen, doctors discovered that the cancer had returned and spread to his liver.

Five weeks later, Snow returned to the White House podium and continued to work as the president's chief spokesman as he underwent chemotherapy. In recent interviews, he indicated that his health situation had stabilized.

Before coming to the White House in April 2006, Snow had worked for the Fox News Channel and hosted his own nationally syndicated radio show.

He took a significant pay cut to take the job of press secretary and has talked publicly in the past about the financial sacrifices, as well as his passion for the post.

People close to Snow said that he felt he needed to make some more money to help his family, which includes children readying for college.

Speculation on who might replace Snow has centered on his deputy, Dana Perino. When asked about Snow's plans to leave, Perino told CNN, "I've got nothing on that, nor would I speculate."

Also on Friday, Rep. Dennis Hastert of Illinois announced that he would not seek another term in 2008. Hastert stepped down from his Republican leadership post but remained in Congress when Democrats took back control of Congress in November 2006.

And earlier this week, Karl Rove, Bush's senior political adviser, announced he would step down at the end of the month. He characterized his tenure in the White House as a "witness to history" as he announced his resignation Monday.

source: 18aug2007

W Spokesman Bows Out on Finishing Term

KENNETH R. BAZINET / New York Daily News 18aug2007

Tony Snow has stepped down as Press Secretary.


WASHINGTON Press Secretary Tony Snow said yesterday he won't be able to serve through the end of President Bush's term, citing financial burdens from the pay cut he took when he left Fox News.

"I've already made it clear I'm not going to be able to go the distance, but that's primarily for financial reasons. I've told people when my money runs out, then I've got to go," Snow said in an interview with conservative radio commentator Hugh Hewitt.

Snow makes $168,000 a year, but that paycheck is dwarfed by what he was making at Fox - and what he can command when he leaves the White House.

Snow is fighting cancer and took out significant loans to cover a financial shortfall when he joined the White House last year.

The sharp-tongued White House spokesman also said he expects other Bush aides to announce they are stepping down within the next month or so.

"I will let others make their announcements," Snow said. "My guess is that there may be some in the mix that we don't know about."

CNN reported Snow may leave as early as next month.

source: 18aug2007

Financial Pressures Force Snow Departure

TERENCE HUNT / AP 17aug2007


WASHINGTON White House press secretary Tony Snow said Friday he'll leave before the end of the Bush presidency because he needs to make more money.

"I'm going to stay as long as I can," he said without elaborating on a departure date.

Snow's comment caught White House colleagues by surprise, and they said they could not hazard a guess about when he might leave.

The 52-year-old Snow, the father of three children, earns $168,000 as an assistant to the president but made considerably more as a conservative pundit and syndicated talk-show host on Fox News Radio. He was named press secretary on April 26, 2006.

White House press secretaries in recent administrations have found the speechmaking circuit to be lucrative once they've stepped down. Snow was eagerly sought by Republican audiences before the elections last year, and in a break with tradition he made a number of fundraising speeches for GOP candidates.

The White House has been shaken by the resignations of some of President Bush's closest aides. Political strategist Karl Rove announced Monday that he would leave at the end of the month. Others who have left since Democrats won control of Congress are counselor Dan Bartlett, chief White House attorney Harriet Miers, budget director Rob Portman, political director Sara Taylor, deputy national security adviser J.D. Crouch and Meghan O'Sullivan, another deputy national security adviser who worked on Iraq.

Bush's term ends on Jan. 20, 2009.

"I will not be able to make it to the end of this administration, just financially," Snow said. "This job has been such a pleasant surprise in how much I like it. I love it."

Snow has been undergoing chemotherapy after doctors discovered a recurrence of colon cancer in March. He said the last of eight scheduled chemotherapy treatments would be on Friday. On Monday he will have a CAT scan to evaluate his progress.

source: 18aug2007

White House's Snow to leave before Bush term ends

Reuters 17aug2007


WASHINGTON White House spokesman Tony Snow plans to leave his job before U.S. President George W. Bush's term ends in January 2009, citing financial reasons rather than his recurrence of colon cancer.

In a radio interview this week, Snow, 52, did not reveal when he would leave. Snow earlier this year suffered a return of colon cancer and has been receiving chemotherapy.

But he said his reasons for leaving would be financial. He took a pay cut to leave Fox News.

"I've already made it clear I'm not going to be able to go the distance, but that's primarily for financial reasons," Snow said on conservative radio program "The Hugh Hewitt Show."

"I've told people when my money runs out, then I've got to go."

Snow joined the White House last year to become the voice of the administration, which was under fire for its handling of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In March, Snow learned his cancer had returned and underwent surgery to have a small growth removed. Doctors also found a tumor attached to his liver and he has since been undergoing treatment.

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe, asked about Snow's comments, said on Friday he did not know whether Snow had formally submitted his resignation.

Two years ago Snow fought through colon cancer, the same disease that killed his mother.

His leaving would be yet another significant departure from the Bush camp. Chief political adviser Karl Rove this week announced his resignation from the end of August.

source: 18aug2007

White House Liar
Tony Snow Resigning

DENNIS ZAKI / AlaskaReport News 18aug2007


White House spokesman Tony Snow claims he is resigning from his job early for financial reasons, but since the truth has escaped nearly every sentence he's every uttered as spokesman, the true reason may never be known.

Snow did not give the date he would leave but said he had taken a pay cut since he joined President Bush's team from Fox News TV in April 2006.

He has also been undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer.

His announcement comes just days after one of Bush's closest advisers, ethically-challenged Karl Rove, announced that he was leaving at the end of the month.

"I've already made it clear I'm not going to be able to go the distance, but that's primarily for financial reasons," he said.

"I've told people when my money runs out, then I've got to go."

Snow had joined the White House in April 2006, at a time when Bush was increasingly under fire for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Doctors discovered in March a recurrence of his colon cancer which forced Snow to undergo chemotherapy.

source: 18aug2007

Why Bush Chose Tony Snow as His New Spokesman

MIKE ALLEN / Time 25apr2006


WASHINGTON The White House plans to announce Wednesday morning that Tony Snow, the conservative commentator and Fox News host, will succeed Scott McClellan as White House press secretary, according to a senior administration official and an official close to Snow.

Snow has talked to President Bush and was assured he will have "a seat at the table and all the access he wants and needs, including walk-in privileges and all that," the official said. The official said McClellan plans to "warmly welcome" Snow and be "very helpful" to him in the transition. McClellan, nearing three years at the podium, said when he announced his resignation last week that he would stay on for two or three weeks' work with his successor.

The official said Josh Bolten who has carried out a swift White House makeover since taking over as chief of staff on the afternoon of April 14 and Counselor Dan Bartlett view the selection of Snow as a key part of giving a new wind to a White House that has suffered repeated seatbacks. "They need a big name to turn heads and send a message to the press that we care enough to put a big player here who cares enough about this job to give up a lot to take it," the official said.

Snow, 50, had his colon removed when he was diagnosed with cancer last year and left his weekday radio show and weekend television show to undergo chemotherapy. But his oncologist approved him to take the grueling White House post, joking that the job wouldn't give him cancer, although it might give him heartburn, according to a friend of Snow.

The official said Snow is elated and honored, and feels like he is ?coming home again? since he served President George H.W. Bush as director of speechwriting and deputy director of media affairs.

Snow has occasionally been critical of the President, and liberal groups began gleefully circulating nettlesome quotes to reporters on Tuesday. Media Matters for America put together a cheeky "Suggested questions for the White House press corps to ask on Tony Snow's first day." A column by Snow last September, at the height of the Hurricane Katrina fallout, said: "Begin with the wimp factor. No president has looked this impotent this long when it comes to defending presidential powers and prerogatives.... His presidential report card already shows an ?A' on foreign policy, but with the exceptions of tax policy and judicial selections, he remains a domestic-policy cipher. It's now up to him to decide whether he will complete his term by earning an A, an F or an incomplete."

Snow is host of ?The Tony Snow Show? on Fox News Radio, and his web site urges listeners to ?join the radio revolution? by supporting him. He also is a host of ?Weekend Live? on Fox News Channel, and was the first host of ?Fox News Sunday,? from 1996 to 2003. That program is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week.

In a series of on-air appearances since news leaked that he was being considered for the job, Snow made it clear he was contemplating the job, and even hinted that he would take it. Asked about it one day on his show, he said with a laugh, ?I'm being deliberately coy. If nothing else, it's good practice.? Snow said on ?The O'Reilly Factor? that he was concerned about the loss of family time and the ?massive cut in pay.?

?The upside is that for somebody like me who's been a pundit for many years, you sit around and you think about the way the world should be,? Snow continued. ?You become part of something that's very rare, which is an inner White House circle, where you've got to make decisions... So there is something that has a sort of perverse attraction, which is it's a meaty, substantive job with real responsibilities.?

His Fox News bio notes that he plays flute, alto flute, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax and guitar. He has worked as an advocate for the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled in North Carolina, taught physics and East African geography in Kenya, and has been a substitute teacher in subjects ranging from calculus to seventh-grade art.

Robert Anthony Snow was born in Berea, Ky., and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy in 1977 from Davidson College in Davidson, N.C. He did graduate work in philosophy and economics at the University of Chicago. He was born June 1, 1955. He and his wife, Jill, married in 1987, have three children and lots of pets. They live in Fairfax County and have a weekend house on the Eastern Shore.

Here are his career highlights, from a White House biography released when he worked in the George H.W. Bush administration: He began his journalism career as an editorial writer at the Greensboro Record in Greensboro, N.C., in 1979, then was an editorial writer at the Virginian Pilot in Norfolk from 1981-82, editorial page editor of the Daily Press in Newport News, Va., from 1982-84, deputy editorial page editor of the Detroit News, which at the time was known for having one of the most conservative editorial pages of any metropolitan dailies in the country, from 1984-87; then became editorial page editor of the Washington Times, which received local, regional and national awards under his leadership.

Snow was named Deputy Assistant to the President for Communications and Speechwriting in 1991, and Deputy Assistant to the President for Media Affairs in 1992. His syndicated column has appeared in newspapers such as the Dallas Morning News, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Now that Snow is leaving what the President has called "the punditry," he will be making news instead of reporting it.

source: 18aug2007

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