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Tom DeLay Tells College Republicans
Abortion, Illegal Immigration Are Linked

MICHAEL ROSTON / The Raw Story 18jul2007


Former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay told a gathering of College Republicans that a link exists between legal abortion and illegal immigration in America. The remarks were included in a video produced by writer Max Blumenthal and posted at The Huffington Post.  

"I contend [abortion] affects you in immigration," DeLay told the Washington-area gathering. "If we had those 40 million children that were killed over the last 30 years, we wouldn't need the illegal immigrants to fill the jobs that they are doing today. Think about it." *

Blumenthal was later apparently forcibly escorted out of the conference by College Republican staff.

DeLay is currently under indictment for money laundering and conspiracy charges in Texas.

The former number two Republican in the House of Representatives, who resigned his post in 2006, is not the only prominent former Member of Congress to link abortion with immigration.

Former Georgia Democratic Senator Zell Miller gave a speech [see quote below] to an anti-abortion conference earlier in the year that linked abortion to illegal immigration. Miller also blamed abortion for other societal ills, such as the state of America's Social Security system and difficulty in recruiting soldiers for the Armed Forces.

source: 24jul2007

Mindfully.org note:    If we understand DeLay correctly, he meant that those 40 million children could have been used to do the work of  illegal immigrants; take the abuse of  illegal immigrants; receive the poor health care of  illegal immigrants. All those fetuses could have grown into Americans who would work for slave wages with no occupational protections. DeLay's idea is even more visionary than that of former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese to slow the exodus of jobs overseas: Put prisoners to work. But if we take DeLay's idea of his perfect world, women who want to abort their fetuses could be paid to carry them to term and deliver them to the government which will raise them and put them to work in the jobs the illegals currently have!   By the way, the number 40 million is fictitious. 

Zell Miller quote:
Miller claimed that 45 million babies have been "killed" since the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade in 1973. "If those 45 million children had lived, today they would be defending our country, they would be filling our jobs, they would be paying into Social Security," he asserted. Zell Miller, former Democratic Senator from Georgia speaking at a fund raiser for an anti-abortion organization 9mar2007

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