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World Trade Center
Tells a Real Story

EITB (Basque Radio and Television) 5aug2006

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Stone relied on 9/11 survivors Jimeno and McLoughlin to help in making sure the film was factually correct. World Trade Center stars Nicolas Cage, Maggie Gyllenhaal and director Oliver Stone were in sombre moods as they walked the red carpet at the New York City premiere for their film.

WTC tells the real life story of Port Authority policemen John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno. Cage plays McLoughlin, an officer who leads his men into the Trade Center on 11 September. One of the towers collapses on McLoughlin and his crew. Michael Pena plays officer Jimeno who is stuck in the rubble with McLoughlin. The film follows the two men as they keep each other motivated to stay alive. It also shows their wives, Allison Jimeno (Gyllenhaal) and Donna McLoughlin (Maria Bello) as they try to find out what happened to their loved ones.

Oliver Stone built his career on making films based on historical events (Platoon, Born on the Forth of July, JFK). The director says he felt it was his duty to make a film about 9/11.

"Because it happened and it's true," Stone told the AP. "These are five stories that are interconnected of New Yorkers on that day and what happened. They all helped each other, two families and a rescuer who was an accountant. It's also about the teams who rescued the two men. It's a great story. It's almost unbelievable."

Stone relied on 9/11 survivors Jimeno and McLoughlin to help in making sure the film was factually correct. Cage walked the red carpet with John McLoughlin.

"Lieutenant John McLoughlin and his family are here we want to show our solidarity and respect for the people who risked their lives to save other on 9/11 and for the people lost their lives," Cage said. "Having said that I don't want to say that this movie is entertainment. I see it as storytelling which depicts history on a very important day in our country. I think everyone involved did a good job."

For Maggie Gyllenhaal, playing pregnant Allison Jimeno was a case of life imitating art. The actress is now pregnant and engaged to actor Peter Sarsgaard.

"There's another movie coming out too that's all about me being a mom. I guess it's like when things are on my mind they lead me towards projects and I think that must have been what happened with these movies," Gyllenhaal said.

'World Trade Center' opens in North American theatres on 9 August 2006.

source: http://www.eitb24.com/portal/eitb24/noticia/en/entertainment/by-oliver-stone-emworld-trade-center-em-tells-the-real-story?itemId=B24_2763&cl=%2Feitb24%2Fcultura&idioma=en 5aug2006

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