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New 39-Cent Stamp on Sale Thursday

Lady Liberty and U.S. Flag
(Non-denominated valued at 39-cents)*

AP 7dec2005

New 39-Cent Stamp on Sale Thursday: Lady Liberty and U.S. Flag (Non-denominated valued at 39-cents)

WASHINGTON - The Postal Service will begin selling a new 39-cent stamp portraying the Statue of Liberty and the American flag on Thursday to be used when the postal rate hike goes into effect Jan. 8.

The Postal Service also announced that it is reprinting large quantities of a two-cent stamp, first issued in 2004, to make it easier for customers to use up any remaining 37-cent stamps after next month's rate increase.

The colorful new first class stamp, called Lady Liberty and U.S. Flag, shows the head, arm and torch of the famous statue in New York harbor superimposed over a portion of a waving flag. The statue was a gift from France in 1886.

As with past rate increases in which Postal Service had to begin work on the new stamp before the size of the increase received final approval, the new stamp will not carry any monetary denomination but will be valued at 39 cents.

The reissued two-cent stamp, known as Navajo Jewelry, shows a painted detail of a Navajo silver and turquoise necklace with sand-cast "squash blossoms" set with polished blue turquoise nuggets.

Postal Service Vice President and Consumer Advocate Delores Killette said many of the 37,000 post offices will be open early and late during the holidays. Customers also can order stamps or purchase postage for packages on the Internet at http://www.usps.com or by calling 1-800-STAMP24. Letter carriers will pick up packages from homes or offices.

On the Net:

Images of the stamps: http://www.usps.com/communications/news/stamps/2005/sr05_055.htm

*Mindfully.org note: image shown is modified to illustrate political dissatisfaction

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