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Civilian Spent Fuel Shipments, One Repository[Yucca Mountain], No New Reactors, Current Reactor Operations Projected Through 2030, MPC Base Case, No Alternative Highway Routes Designated in Nevada

1. Highway Routes from Reactors Using GA 4/9 Truck Casks

a. Highway Through Shipments from Florida and Pennsylvania Reactors

(1) H1 - I-435 from Kansas City, MO to Kansas City; I-70 from Kansas City to Topeka; I-470/70 from Topeka to Cove Fort, UT: 2,347 Truck Casks [Crystal River, Peachbottom, St Lucie]

2. Rail Routes from Reactors Using MPCs

a. Rail Through Shipments from Illinois and Missouri Reactors

(1) RT1 - SP from Kansas City, MO to Ransas City to Lawrence to Topeka to Herington to Pueblo, CO: 180 Rail Casks [Braidwood]

(2) RT2 - ATSF from Kansas City, MO to Kansas City to Holliday to Olathe to Emporia to Augusta to Mulvane to Wellington to Avard, OK: 316 Rail Casks [Callaway, LaSalle]

b. Rail Through Shipments from Eastern, Midwestern and Midsouthern Reactors

(1) RT3 - UP from Kansas City, MO to Kansas City to Lawrence to Topeka to Menoken to Marysville to Hastings, NE: 3,321 Rail Casks [Arkansas, Browns Ferry, Brunswick, Catawba, Clinton, Davis-Besse, Farley, Grand Gulf, Hatch, Oconee, Perry, River Bend, Robinson, Savannah River Plant, Sequoyah, S. Harris, South Texas, Summer, Turkey Pt, Vogtle, Waterford, Watts Bar, Wolf Creek]

(2) RT4/RT5 - UP from Okay, OK to Parsons to Kansas City, MO: 523 Rail Casks [Arkansas, River Bend, South Texas, Waterford]

c. Rail Exit Shipments from Kansas Reactors

(1) RE1 - UP from Wolf Creek NP to Osawatomie to Kansas City, MO: 82 Rail Casks [Wolf Creek]

3. Total Shipments Through Kansas

a. Highway: 2,347 Truck Casks
b. Rail: 3,817 Rail Casks

REVISED 10/11/95 Note: The rail shipment total includes 605 shipments (RT4,RT5,RE1) which exit Ransas to Ransas City, MO and re-enter Kansas via Kansas City, KS.


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