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UC Berkeley Public Health Stacks Now Classified




Leuren Moret
is an independent scientist specializing in radiation and public health, former Livermore Lab and Lawrence Berkeley Lab scientist, and President of Scientists for Indigenous People. She can be contacted at leurenmoret@yahoo.com.

MINI-ROBOT RESEARCH — Sandia National Laboratories researcher Doug Adkins takes a close-up view of the mini-robots he and Ed Heller are developing. At 1/4 cubic inch and weighing less than an ounce, they are possibly the smallest autonomous untethered robots ever created.

(Photo by Randy Montoya) 


It’s getting more and more confusing who the real terrorists are with each yellow alert and orange alert from Homeland Security and President Bush. They keep announcing they have “tips on terrorists”, but those “tips” don’t seem to go anywhere. Is this just another con job so those in power can rip us off again and shut up our outcry and opposition? People are fighting back at the grassroots level. And it’s working both on a national and international level with 20 million plus demonstrators around the world on February 15 which forced Bush to push his “war” plans back to at least mid-March. At local levels, in our city council chambers and towns, people are fighting back with anti-war, anti-Patriot Act, and anti-Homeland Security resolutions, and getting their letters into the newspapers. The one thing politicians always read are the Letters to the Editor. Keep writing.

This is our war folks. Pick your generals and soldiers from your friends, neighbors, and elected officials because we have to organize and fight back. If we don’t - we are going to find ourselves living very quickly under third world conditions in a fascist state.

UC Berkeley Public Health Library Classified
I just discovered the terrorists are here too - in the UC Berkeley Public Health Library. Several nights ago I went into the Public Health Library to look up some research papers, including Dr. Alice Stewart’s report on the flawed and fraudulent radiation studies on A-bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our government “cooked the books” so that our military could have a nuclear weapons program.

I was told by the librarian, a young student on duty that night, to go upstairs in the stacks and I could find the volumes I wanted. But as I was leaving, she told me that part of the library is now “classified” and I would see where it was roped off when I got up there.

What’s confusing is why the University of California (UC) is planning a “Bioweapons Level 4” (BSL-4) laboratory at UC Davis for development of biological weapons. The most dangerous infectious diseases in the world like ebola virus, tularemia, hemorrhagic fever virus, and Coxiella burnetti will be developed as bioweapons. But on who and for what purpose? Will these target certain races or populations like “designer diseases” for “undesirables”, and who gets to decide? But we, the public, the citizen taxpayers cannot read the public health literature which has been sitting on the library shelves for decades and which our tax dollars paid for through decades of research. That information is already in the public domain but now, under the Homeland Security Act of 2002 they want to change the rules. The right question to ask is “Who will benefit?” and who are the “real terrorists”? It’s looking more and more like the government thinks it’s those who oppose their policies (like “mandatory vaccinations or lose your property”).

Lawrence Berkeley Lab is planning a “military lab” too 
Citizens and commissioners in Berkeley recently learned at an Environmental Commission meeting that the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, just above the Berkeley Campus, is building a “Molecular Foundry”. When we asked what that meant, we were told by the Project Director Jim Krupnick and Project Manager Joe Harkin that it’s for “nanotechnology”, for “building things at a very tiny scale”. When I asked who was funding it, I was told “Department of Energy (DOE)”. I asked if any others were planned in the US and was told “yes… five”. They denied they were for military applications. Joe Harkin’s response to my question as to where they would be located was “Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Brookhaven and Argonne Labs...” He didn’t mention the one planned for the Livermore Lab - too close for comfort. When I pointed out that those were all nuclear weapons facilities, he was silent. I mentioned that Academia and the private sector had been involved in nanotechnology for 2 decades, and that the weapons complex was damned slow on the uptake. UC didn’t bother to inform anyone ahead of time despite more than two years of planning nor will they tell anyone what they are planning to “build at a tiny scale”. We are finding out slowly… and it’s not good.

“Smart Dust” for the War on Terror 
The Berkeley Student Paper, “The Daily Cal” proudly announced that “Smart Dust” which was developed on the campus will be spread in the UC Botanical Garden, Cory Hall on campus, the Bay Bridge and other locations. This “smart dust” is made up of many tiny (1 cubic millimeter) solar powered miniaturized computers equipped with transmitters. They will be scattered from the air like “dust” over areas for “monitoring purposes”. The UC website indicated funding came from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). What if people inhale or eat these tiny computers? What if animals and wildlife ingest them? And who are the TERRORISTS in the botanic garden or in campus buildings? The only terrorist I know about at UC Berkeley was on the faculty, the Unabomber – “Professor” Theodore Kaczynski.

Spying Robofly by 2004 
Another UC “peeping for profit project”: a year after the 9/11 disaster, engineers at UC Berkeley got a $2.5 million dollar contract from the US Navy and the Department of Defense to build a flying “spying robofly by 2004”. I guess they don’t need these “insects” in the botanic garden since they have the “smart dust” but who are these for?

Swarming microbugs

Six months before 9/11, in February 2001, Sandia Labs developed and tested mobile, electronic microbugs, “capable of silently scampering under a door, quietly rolling into a corner and eavesdropping on whatever is going on inside”. In addition to the miniature microphone, microsensors and radio transmitter already on these little microbugs, they hope to add a microcamera. That’s where nanotechnology fits in. If they can make one small enough using nanotechnology they could even have videos or pictures from the “little buggers”.

Scientists are also hoping to get the microbugs to “communicate with each other and work in swarms, relaying their findings back to a manned station…” Already these bugs can “turn on a dime and park on a nickel”. I can imagine how UC could use these home grown “bugs” to target women, minorities and untenured faculty as a new form of harrassment. Five hundred women have filed lawsuits against UC and many have described being mobbed for years. Livermore Lab and Los Alamos already have real time sophisticated surveillance for whistleblowers at the labs. Maybe UC President Atkinson could use swarms of microbugs to catch the thiefs at Los Alamos, Livermore and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

Mark Twain said “Truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction after all, has to make sense.”

Sanity Break 
Last weekend I had a good time at the San Francisco orchid show taking a break from the insanity of “war”. It was fascinating to look at orchids from all over the world and to study their shapes, colors, sizes, smells - all strategies for survival as life evolved over hundreds of millions of years on earth. But we’re changing all that now - from the top down and the bottom up. Nanotechnology will allow manipulation of life from the level of atoms… and molecules...

We thought radiation was a nightmare but I think it’s going to get worse very very fast.

Monkey's Escape may Sink Biodefense Lab at UC Davis

AWOL Monkey Helps Davis Fight Back 
The citizens of Davis needed support in their fight against the bioweapons lab planned in their home town because they didn’t have it from Mayor Susie Boyd. Faced with 129 protesting citizens packed into the City Council chambers, the Mayor turned down the microphone so that negative comments about the lab could not be heard during Public Comment period from outraged citizens. Like Berkeley, Davis citizens were not informed by UC about these fundamentally important projects which will have large impacts in their towns. It looks like UC just saw lots of Department of Defense money they could get and decided to build them. Citizens be damned.

However on February 24, 2003, the San Francisco Chronicle reported “Monkey’s escape may sink biodefense lab”. With the escape two weeks ago of a 4-pound rhesus macaque monkey from a research lab on campus, the Mayor has reversed her opinion and now supports citizens opposed to a bioweapons lab at UC Davis. If they can’t keep a 4 pound monkey from going AWOL, how can they be trusted to keep microscopic and submicroscopic viruses in test tubes? With some of the stuff they’re planning to use there a single bacteria or virus will kill you.

UC For Sale to the Highest Bidder 
UC Davis has always been a prostitute to Agricultural corporate interests. Last year they put out a research report which concluded that “chocolate is good for heart disease”. The research funding came from the Mars Corporation, home of Snickers and Mars Bars. Can we trust this institution this time? I think not.

Before a Bioweapons lab goes up at UC Davis, citizens should remember that UC research created a radioactive superfund site there. Radiation and bioweapons are similar – once you let the genie out of the bottle, you can’t control it. The mysterious murders of ten world class microbiologists in the US and UK last spring justifies extreme caution and suspicion. The right question to ask is “Who will benefit from all this?”



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