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Does Zicam Work?

Test Tube Experiments Reveal Zinc May Stop a Cold, But is it Safe?

There have been quite a few talks recently about various nutraceuticals on the market that make claims prevent colds and the flu. Remember the $23M refund the makers of Airborne had to dish out last year? There has been a recent onslaught of litigation and with efforts to protect consumers from false claims from advertisers.

So you may be asking yourself does Zicam really work?

Zicam's packaging claims "Get over your cold faster". Clearly no claims of cold or flu prevention are being made, but instead the product is intended for you to use as a cold remedy. Zicam's active ingredients are listed as Zincum Aceticum 2x, and Zincum Gluconicum 1x - basically a zinc product. The science shows that in a test tube, high levels of zinc can ward off colds and sickness. Naturopathic medicine tends to also believes in high zinc dosages combined with vitamin C to combat colds. What seems to be particularly different about Zicam vs. other cold medicines is just that. There doesn't seem to be any "real" medicine in it. It does relieve cold symptoms, it merely helps you get over your cold faster. If you really stop to think about it, that's what we should really be after in the first place rather than just covering up the runny nose and congestion with a band aid so to speak.

Is Zicam Safe?

Figuratively speaking, Zicam or zinc in general seems to be less caustic and less filled with chemicals than the average cold medicine. However there has been some recent news about yet another lawsuit for the "Heal Yourself Naturally" department. This time claims have been made that Zicam's nasal spray has caused some consumers to lose their smell permanently. According to Zicam manufacturers there is no hard evidence that Zicam's nasal spray was the reason for permanent loss of smell. But just in case you don't believe them, they have opted to "voluntarily" remove the nasal spray from the market under the watchful eye of the FDA. I'd play it safe and stay clear from the nasal spray regardless as the oral remedy seems to work fine. I happen to be writing this as I'm battling a cold. I started taking the oral Zicam spray on the onset of my cold symptoms a couple of days ago. I don't feel terrible, but I feel as if I should be feeling worse if that makes any sense. Maybe it's all placebo, maybe it's science. Either way, the $10 is worth it!

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