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GMO Timeline (truncated)

The Oregonian 11dec00

International Food Information Council; International Food Policy Research Institute

1973: A gene is moved from one organism to another.

1986: Agribusiness creates soybean plants that are herbicide resistant. The federal government begins eight years of biosafety and food safety testing.

1990: Regulators approve the first genetically modified food product, chymosin, used in making cheese.

1994: The first genetically modified organism, or GMO, arrives in supermarkets. The FlavrSavr tomato, made by Calgene, contains a gene that slows down the ripening process so tomatoes can remain on the vine longer and ripen naturally.

1995: The EPA follows the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration in approving herbicide-resistant soybeans.

1995-96: Genetically altered crop seeds are sold to farmers, including insect resistant corn, cotton and potatoes.

1997: Eighteen crop applications of biotechnology gain U.S. government approval.

1999: Approximately 50 genetically modified food products are sold in U.S. supermarkets. Several European Union countries, followed by Japan and China, block imports of genetically altered commodities.

2000: More than half of products on U.S. supermarkets contain ingredients that have been genetically modified, especially foods containing soybeans (Soy flour, soy oil, lecithin, soy protein isolates and concentrates) and corn (Corn flour, corn starch, corn oil, corn sweeteners, syrups)

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