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French Actors Destroy GM Crops in Support of Jose Bové 

REUTERS 16jan03

[Press Release of Droits devant below]

PARIS -- [Droits devant], a group of French actors, scientists and politicians destroyed a field of genetically modified rapeseed on Thursday in support of anti-globalisation guru Jose Bové who was sentenced to a prison term in November for a similar action. 

Jose Bové

Bové, a celebrity in France for his high-profile campaign against what he says is "junk food", has been sentenced to 14 months in jail for a 1999 attack on a field of GM rice at a research centre near the southern city of Montpellier. 

Activist group Droits devant said the 32 demonstrators, including French actors Lambert Wilson and Anemone as well as green Presidential candidate Noel Mamere, had replaced young GM rapeseed plants with a conventional variety in a field in Mairy-sur-Marne, northeast of Paris. 

"This action was in support of Jose Bové and Rene Riesel (another member of farm union Confederation paysanne) who were both heavily sentenced for a similar action," the group said in a statement. 

Magistrates will tell the walrus-moustachioed, pipe-smoking Bové, who spent six weeks in jail earlier this year for smashing up a McDonald's restaurant, on January 29 whether he must go to jail or wins a reprieve. 

Droits devant said other organisations such as anti-globalisation group Attac and environmental lobby Greenpeace supported the action in the rapeseed field. 

While GM crops are common in the United States, France and other European countries are dubious about using the new genetic technology in agriculture. 

France grows experimental GM crops on around 100 sites, all approved by the farm ministry. 

Supporters say the crops could lead to the development of hardier strains to help feed the world's poor. Opponents say they could trigger an uncontrolled spread of modified genes, harming the environment and people's health.

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Press Release / Droits devant le 16 janvier 2003

Paris -- Ce matin du jeudi 16 janvier, 32 personnalités, artistes, chercheurs et élus (Anémone, L.Wilson, Ph. Torreton, B. Delépine, J.Gaillot, C. Malavoy, N. Mamère, H.Désir, S.George, F. Bavay, R. Guédiguian, J.C.Lefort, C.Blandin, C. Paul...) ont investi une parcelle de colza transgénique à Mairy sur Marne dans la Marne et ont remplacé les plants OGM par du colza conventionnel.

Cette action s'inscrit dans le soutien à J.Bové & R.Riesel, tous deux condamnés lourdement pour une action similaire, ainsi qu'aux 10 de Valence, condamnés également en première instance (appel à Grenoble le 31 janvier 2003) à des peines inacceptables de 3 mois à 6 mois de prison ferme.

Nous refusons la criminalisation accrue de l'action militante, associative et syndicale, et exigeons que le législatif et l'éxécutif fassent preuve de cohérence en condamnant de la même facon ces 32 personnalités ayant pratiqué la même forme d'action qui a pénalisé d'autres citoyens.

Qu'elles soient le fait du gouvernement Jospin ou du gouvernement Raffarin, ces politiques du tout répressif et du tout sécuritaire contre les pauvres, les "sans" et les précaires ou contre les actions légitimes de militants sont vouées à l'échec, aucune démocratie digne de ce nom ne pouvant fonctionner sur la peur et sur l'oppression.

Vous avez condamné Bové, Riesel et les 10 de Valence... Condamnez les aussi.

Les associations ATTAC, Droits devant ! !, Greanpeace, ainsi que la Confédération Paysanne ont apporté leur soutien logistique à l'action d'aujourd'hui.

source: http://droitsdevant.ouvaton.org/article.php3?id_article=176 17jan03

Paris, January 16 2003

This morning on Thursday 16 January, 32 actors, artists, researchers and elected (Anemone, L.Wilson, Ph. Torreton, B. Delépine, J.Gaillot, C. Malavoy, N. Mamère, H.Désir, S.George, FRANCS. Bavay, R. Guédiguian, J'S. C. Lefort, C.Blandin, C. Paul. ..) uprooted GMO rape (canola) at Mairy sur Marne and replaced the GMO plants with conventional rape.

This action is in support of J.Bové & R.Riesel, who were both heavily penalized for a similar action, as well as to the 10 of Valence, condemned equally on the first instance (call to Grenoble January 31 2003) to the unacceptable sentence of 3 to 6 months in prison. 

We refuse the increased criminalization of the action campaigning, associative and union, and demand that the legislature and the executives show rationality while similarly condemning  these 32 personalities having practiced the action that had the other citizens penalized.

What they are done it government Jospin or government Raffarin, these politics of the all repressive one and of the all security one against the poor ones, the "without" and the precarious ones or against the legitimate actions of campaigning are devoted to failure, any worthy democracy of this name not being able to work on the fear and on the oppression. 

You condemned Bové, Riesel and the 10 of Valence... Condemn us as well. 

The associations ATTAC, Droits devant ! !, Greenpeace, as well as the Confederacy Paysanne support today's action. 

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75018 PARIS
Métro : Jules Joffrin

Téléphone : 01 42 58 82 22
Fax : 01 42 58 82 21
Adresse e-mail : droits-devant@globenet.org     

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