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Substances in Diesel Exhaust Listed by Cal EPA as Toxic Air Contaminants

[ red indicates an endocrine disruptor ]

acetaldehyde inorganic lead
acrolem manganese compounds
aniline mercury compounds
antimony compounds methanol
arsenic methyl ethyl ketone
benzene naphthalene
beryllium compounds nickel
biphenyl 4-nitrobiphenyl
bis{2-ethylhexyl]phthalate phenol
1,3-butakiene phosphorus
cadmium polycyclic organic matter, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
chlorobenzene propionaldehyde
chromium compounds selenium compounds
cobalt compounds styrene
creosol isomers toluene
cyanide compounds xylene isomers and mixtures
dibutylphthalate o-xylenes
dioxins and dibenzofurans m-xylenes
ethyl benzene p-xylenes


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