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The goal of mindfully.org is to provide useful information to people who would not obtain this information otherwise. Mindfully.org is to be used as a nonprofit research tool. Our opinion is indeed biased — because it seems to us that the "balanced news" of today's journalism is accomplished by blending fact with fiction. Each article on this website is far from the final word on any subject and one can only get an overall view by viewing a lot of it. In other words, don't base your opinions on one file or even a few files from Mindfully.org. As for our political affiliation, we have none — not conservative or liberal. We see liberals and progressives as kind-hearted conservatives who can only add to the downward spiral of society in the US. The world is full of contradictions where conservatives are willing to bring on Armageddon and liberals resist change at all costs. In other words, conservatives are liberal and liberals are conservative. Neither one is part of the solution. And being some place in between is no place at all. 

The problems just keep getting deeper. 

Until there's some honesty, it's going to get significantly worse. If you think it's bad now, wait a few months and reassess.  It would seem that Bush's final coup d'้tat has destroyed the economy. However, the reality of the situation is that the economy has been in trouble for a long time. Each of the past administrations has added its own layer of fiction to the economic indicators, until the present where we have a great disparity between real conditions and the official statistics in all areas of government. Momentum and wishful thinking have been the chief motivators of the economy for a significant period of time.  Now it's time to pay the piper.  

Truth, Justice and The American Way

In this country that prides itself on truth and justice, there really hasn’t been any for quite a very long time — at least a handful of decades or more. And is what we are doing right now really the American Way? Furthermore, what is the American Way? Is it capitalism and the free market? How could anyone, at this point in time, be so na๏ve as to believe that capitalism works? It is has been more than obvious that capitalists cannot comprehend truth. As the latest example of how terribly lost this economic system is we have Bernard Madoff

What else could go wrong you ask?

"It's called the American Dream because
 you have to be asleep to believe in it

George Carlin (1937 - 2008)

The plain truth is that the US lives in a constant dream state and has only begun to awake with this massive economic downturn. With a little truth and openness, this country has a slight chance of pulling itself back out of the gutter. Truth is desperately needed in government, academia, journalism and our personal lives. Every part of this country could benefit heavily with a liberal dose of truth. For none exists presently. 

Got Honesty?

If you think you have honesty in your life, think long and hard. Think about it in different ways at the same time. There can seemingly be honesty at one level while there is complete pandemonium at all others. Life can go on as if everything is OK right up until the time that chaos is apparent. That is when the house of cards — built by lies — comes crashing down. The effort required to rebuild after that point will only be available over a very long period of time. That applies to economic and political factors.


It's grand McCain and his pet monkey didn't win. But now we have Obama and Biden, who are doing about the same thing. Just as there would be no truth with McCain, there will be none with Obama. He is surrounding himself with the same incompetent Clintonites that had a great part in creating this mess. Change is not something we'd get from Obama or McCain. Will you worship Obama? We have no love for his policies on pretty much any subject. 

Of late, the popular conservative media has labeled Obama as a Communist. 

Communism is a socioeconomic structure and political ideology that promotes the establishment of an egalitarian, classless society based on common ownership of the means of production and property in general. Karl Marx posited that communism would be the final stage in human society, evolving into a classless, stateless society of "pure communism". (Wikipedia)

If one reads The Communist Manifesto by Friedrich Engels, it more than evident that Barack Obama is not a Communist or even a Communist sympathizer. To state the he is a Communist is utterly absurd. Let's just end that silly talk right now. Barack Obama is also NOT a socialist, which can be considered a subset of Communism.  Even as a Democrat, he is very conservative. Please ignore the political labels. Pay attention to what he has stated time and again. Nobody should be surprised at Obama's selection of cabinet members and officials. 

One would have to live cloistered away in a basement, totally hidden from any sense of reality to hold onto that old view of Truth, Justice and The American Way. The illusion is gone and only the debt remains. It seems today that the US can do no good. The blame for this mess goes directly on those at top levels — from the president down. Please don't wait for Obama to bring peace on Earth. That'll be the task of the next president. . . if we're all still here.

For those of you who pushed Obama as "the chosen one," he had never been and never will be. He's in favor of whatever war we can fight, and he is also in favor of offshore oil drilling, as well as ethanol, which even the Wall Street Journal has seen as a scam for years now. If it weren't for McCain's memory problems, the two presidential "contenders" are looking more and more like political twins.

Still,  if one were able to combine the messages of the Democrats and Republicans with those of the Anarchists, Communists, Greens, Libertarians and Socialists, we would still be in very troubled waters.


Now, when it comes to physical factors such as the health of our bodies and the earth we are bound to, there really is no return for us once we reach the breaking point. The viability of the human race is rapidly disintegrating. While cancers are still on the rise, the American Cancer Society and the rest of the cancer industry focuses on finding “The Cure.”  They don't stop cancer from appearing, but remove it after the fact. That is a deception — a lie, if you will. Of course we all want to be cured of cancer. But wouldn't anyone much rather have not had cancer in the first place instead of being cured of it?   Nowadays, everyone knows one or more people who have had cancer or have died from some form of cancer. 

Everyone also knows someone who has had difficulty in having children. The sperm count in industrialized nations has been falling at 1.5% each year for many decades. Women are similarly finding it difficult to conceive. Incredibly, this is good for the fertility industry, which is yet another subset of the health care industry. The unstated purpose of the health care industry has nothing much to do with health care. By following the health care industry, we choose the downward spiral of the lies — that the technologies we live with are not harmful and that the health care industry maintains health

But we are now clearly on the edge of living those lies whereby we will actually require technology in order to just live — at any level of health. You must understand that cancer is not the worst thing that can happen — that there are many changes happening to the makeup of our species that, to say the least, are not beneficial to our longevity or the general quality of our lives.

In order that we might avoid that place of complete chaos in our physical status we must cease living the lifestyles that almost everyone lives presently — in both quality and quantity. This includes most of what modern society has to offer.  Environmental factors such as nuclear radiation (power generation and weapons), microwaves, plastics, pesticides, genetic engineering and other toxicants that we are exposed to on a daily basis need to be halted immediately. Most of what is claimed by the regulators to be safe is quite detrimental to our long-term viability. We have seemingly been able to get away (ignore) with living the lie for quite a while. But the results are becoming painfully clear. 

Human Impact

Too many people consuming far too much energy and resources have overburdened the earth for thousands of years. It is all well beyond anything it can withstand. We don't need technology to save energy. We just need to stop doing whatever uses energy, including the computer.  It is an arrogant delusion to think that it is a right to live such lives. It is also a delusion to think families can (and should) have 3 and more children. No matter what we do to reduce our impact, we are still too many in number. 

How can we possibly get through this mess? 

A little lot of honesty right now would go a long way.


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